Unlock Your Fundraising Potential

Clean, correct, and complete data is necessary to identify relationship building opportunities, track valuable donor interactions, and populate fundraising metrics.

DonorMetrix was designed to make your data work for you, not the other way around. It provides you with Measurement That Matters, so you can make the data-driven decisions necessary for successful fundraising.

Why DonorMetrix?

Social purpose organizations can get caught up in narrow Campaign-to-Campaign thinking instead of the more productive Annual Giving Fundraising approach.

This can lead to tunnel vision when measuring fundraising appeal results. If you’re asking only simple questions such as How much money came in?, Was it more than last year?, and How much did it cost?, you aren’t analyzing the activity in your donor base and how its  composition is changing – and that’s risky.

You need to see the big picture to make big decisions.

Addressing donor attrition is the only way to protect yourself from a shrinking database, costly miscommunications, and decreasing annual revenue.

DonorMetrix is a reliable means of tracking what your donors are doing and reducing your risk of losing supporters and potential revenue for your organization and can be implemented over four phases, but with no commitment beyond the initial phase.

How It Works

We believe a phased approach is best as it allows both parties to learn and adapt while the project advances.

DonorMetrix will increase your capacity, streamline processes, improve reporting accuracy, and reduce staff frustration. Improved data hygiene will increase your impact and inform more meaningful communications with donors, build your teams’ confidence, and reduce risk during decision making.

We ensure milestones are tracked, team members are on-board, and deliverables are being met. We use proven, evidence-based methods to maximize the contribution of your data.

Unlock Your Fundraising Potential

DonorMetrix will help you make the research-based decisions necessary to guide successful fundraising and marketing strategies.

In Phase 1 we gain access to your system, assess your level of data hygiene, confirm your organizational capacity, ensure CRA compliance, identify existing user groups, complete a comprehensive ten-year gift history analysis, complete a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis, and submit a phase summary report for group review.

During Phase 2, minor adjustments to your data are made based on the SWOT analysis, custom online dashboards and reports are created for each user group, and recommendations for additional coding at made.

In Phase 3 we update your CRM process and procedure documents, integrate your online donation forms and 3rd Party data, and advise on automated workflows.

Phase 4 is the final phase and includes implementation of a donor moves management pipelines and more advanced features. It also includes our ongoing services such as additional training and custom reports and dashboards.

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Measurement That Matters

Our DonorMetrix Gift History Report will give you valuable information including:

  • The number of donors you had at the beginning of the year
  • % change of each segment over the previous year
  • % of your Active donor base
  • Total number of Active Donors at the end of each year for a five year period
  • Net Gain/Loss of Donors for a five year period
  • Last year of complete data Active Donor File Composition
  • Total dollars of Active File for a five year period
  • Renewal rate by Repeat, New, & Recovered for a five year period
  • How many donors you renewed each year
  • The renewal rate
  • Total number of gifts
  • % of the total of direct response gifts
  • Total gross revenue raised
  • % of the total direct response dollars raised
  • Average gift
  • Average revenue per year per donor

Here is a sample table to show you what your summary analysis might look like:

We also provide graphs to further illustrate your data’s potential:

  • Executive Overview of Giving History
  • Gift Size History
  • Gift Frequency History
  • Second Gift Conversion History
  • Donor Renewal Rates
  • Donor Attrition
  • Donor Reactivation Report
  • Monthly and Quarterly Results
  • Recency, Frequency and Monetary Overview
  • Donors Pyramids

We also review the database to provide information on:

  • Gifts to non-direct response campaigns such as special events, tribute donations etc. as these records are good internal prospect names for your direct mail, telemarketing and online fundraising programs.
  • Number of donors with flags such as do not mail, deceased, inactive etc.
  • Long Term Donor Value
  • Recurring Donors
  • Number of records with telephone numbers and email addresses

What about your recurring donors?

Do you know how many recurring donors you have? Is the number growing? What percentage of your active donors are recurring donors?

DonorMetrix tracks how this valuable group of supporters is evolving, determines their giving trends, and how gives recommendations on how to improve your fundraising results.

To ensure we don’t leave you with information overload, we also provide a summary report listing our key observations as well as some recommendation to help you develop winning fundraising strategies for the future.

A meeting will be scheduled to review the summary report and analysis prior to proceeding with Phase 2.

The solution is just a click away.


Know your renewal rates for each segment of your donor database.


Make better decisions on how much acquisition you need to combat donor attrition. 


Access to valuable information and analysis to improve donor renewal rates.


Budget more confidently with support from professionals who care.

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