Who We Serve

We help our clients to the right things right.

Who We Serve

Touchworks is proud of the contribution we are making by helping our clients tell their story, and to do the right things right!

We’ve worked with organizations large and small, local and national, and feel good knowing that together, we are making a difference.

Some of the social purpose clients we have been honoured to serve:​

Making a Difference

We all have choices to make – every day. As a company, we have chosen to serve the social purpose sector and help lead the charge, solve problems, and improve lives in every community across Canada. And, in turn, we are thankful they have chosen us to help them do the right things right!

At Touchworks we have one goal in mind – to provide you with the exemplary service necessary to make your job easier and your programs more successful. In fact, we become an extension of your own team, maximizing your time and, ultimately, your results.

“Because we understand the important role that the social purpose sector makes in civil society, and the many challenges it faces, we take the time to understand and provide solutions that will make the biggest difference.

After all, we share the same passion for making our communities and our world a better place.”

Gloria Stewart

Founder, President, Creative Director and Abundance Activist

What Our Clients Say About Us

We’re proud to serve organizations in the social purpose sector with respect and integrity and we care deeply about the caliber of our services. 

“Forward House Community Society greatly appreciates the knowledge, experience and professionalism provided by Gloria Stewart and the Touchworks team.”

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is to help our clients do the right things right.

Our Vision is to operate a successful virtual enterprise where every employee and contractor is empowered to make a difference to each other, their collaborators, clients, suppliers, and their community.

We believe passionately in the importance of service as a virtue. We are of service to each other, to the needs of our clients and that of our community. This makes for a powerful team approach, united in values.

We are proactive in implementing this virtue and look for ways to help before being asked. We care about the caliber of our service and offer it with respect and integrity.

We have high standards for the level of service we provide and are consistent and accountable for its delivery.

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